Key case

The key bag is a combination of a key chain and a wallet. Generally, there are six key rings in the key bag, and then there are several small compartments for storing business cards or cards. Its appearance makes future travel more convenient and deeply. popular with the general public
Key bags are generally made of leather, slightly smaller than wallets. Major companies in the world are also producing various key bags, such as Adidas, LV, Mazda and other companies. Practical value, slowly developing towards appreciation, has a tendency to represent identity.
According to the material, the key bag is generally handmade from cowhide, deerskin, pigskin, oil skin, cloth, PU leather, PVC and other materials. According to the style, there are snaps, zippers, buckles and so on.
According to the function, there are simple ones that can only hold keys, and there are many styles that not only have this function, but also add multiple card slots, and some key bags can also hold a small amount of cash.
The appearance of the key bag represents people's pursuit of life. It is no longer satisfied with the status quo that one thing has only one purpose. What they think about is how to make one thing multi-purpose to meet the gradually accelerated fast-paced life. Also quoted from the 2008 Olympics: Higher, faster, stronger! Higher means higher performance; faster means that the items to be used in a fast-paced life are more concise; stronger means that one item is multi-purpose, and all items need to be like the treasure bag of the robot cat, the best It is the need to bring only one item to meet the needs of so many items that were previously carried.