How to choose a card pack?

Now almost everyone has a lot of bank cards, and bank cards are very inconvenient to carry around, not only easy to break, but also easy to lose, so at this time we have to consider buying a card pack. Today I will teach you how to buy a card Bag.
(1) Multifunctional card holder
(2) Single function card package

Pick by design
1. Multifunctional card bag
When the multi-function card case is designed, a small interlayer is generally added. We can put a little cash in the card case, and most of the multi-function card cases are made of leather materials.

2. Single function card package
As the name suggests, a single-function card bag can only be used to store cards, but this card bag generally has more card slots, so it can store multiple cards. ,

different way of closing
There are three ways of closing the card holder, namely snaps, magnets and zippers. These three closing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the zipper closing method has a high safety factor, but it is inconvenient to switch.

The magnetor closing mode switch is very convenient, but the safety is low, and it is easy to demagnetize the card; while the snap closure method has a high safety factor, but the snap button is easily damaged.

2. Select according to quality
The material of the card holder is cloth, artificial leather, genuine leather, etc. If you want to buy a good quality card holder, you should choose the genuine leather material.

Card holders with dense stitching, regular thread routing, complete edge wrapping, and flawless design should be selected, because such card holders are of better quality and can be used for a longer time.

Additional features
When purchasing a card case, you can choose a card case with moisture-proof function. This type of card case can better protect the card.