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you're at low risk, or simply don't use anything that has RFID in it, then you probably don't need RFID protection. For low-risk people that still have cards, passports, or ID you'd prefer to keep under wraps, then investing in some protection could be worth that extra peace of mind to know you're covered.
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OEM/ODM Customization Service available here.We are a Manufacturer. Our products can be Customized.More new design for options, Small MOQ is acceptable (10pcs ,20pcs is welcomed)


Casekey is professional in designing,manufacturing and wholesaling RFID metal Card Holders,mini and multifunctional Wallets, Leather Products etc.


Sufficient Stock for small order and fast shipment.


Alibaba Verified Supplier (by INTERTEK) With over 10 years’ experience in RFID Wallet Design and factory. CNC machines, laser cutting, sewing, and Pressing machines are qualified.

Carbon Fiber Leather Magnetic RFID Wallet with Metal Card Holder

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Is RFID protected Slim wallet worth buying and using?

Most men carry their wallets all day, every day. And most men carry too much wallet. If you’re currently lugging around an oversized, George Costanza wallet, I’m going to try to convince you to trade it in for a sleek, modern, slim alternative.
Therefore, an RFID Blocking wallet is worth buying, even in the current environment, the probability of stealing information is very low. At the same time, RFID shielded wallet can also be beautifully made and used normally, so why not use it?

Is RFID protected Slim wallet worth buying and using?

Process Flow of Using a Slim Wallet

The process flow of using a slim wallet involves several simple steps. First, the wallet is easily inserted into a pocket or bag without causing discomfort or bulk. When needed, the user can quickly retrieve the wallet and access the necessary card or cash through the limited card slots or compartments. The slim design allows for easy visibility and selection of the desired item. After the transaction or use, the wallet can be smoothly returned to its storage location, maintaining its slim profile and minimizing hassle. This efficient process flow contributes to the overall convenience and practicality of using a slim wallet.

Adavantages of Slim Wallet

1. Slim Wallets Are Good for Your Back
2. Slim Wallets Are More Convenient
3. Slim Wallets Are Safer
4. Slim Wallets Are Large Capacity

Adavantages of Slim Wallet

Benefits of Slim Wallets

Slim wallets offer several benefits that make them a popular choice among individuals seeking a minimalist and practical wallet solution. Firstly, their slim profile reduces bulk and makes them more comfortable to carry in pockets or small bags. This slimness also promotes organization by encouraging users to carry only essential items, eliminating unnecessary clutter. Additionally, the reduced size and weight of slim wallets make them convenient for travel and everyday use.

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Hello Stephanie, I hope you and your family are well!Yesterday I received the samples. The samples look very good, thank you very much. I like it very much.

2)Nice quality, are the wallets genuine leather or Pu leather? really like it! Nice work

3)I used it for what it is intended for, as a wallet. The craftsmanship is holds my cards well and the clip tightly holds bills, but I can still easily get them out.

4)Super well made and plenty of card storage. RFID Blocking works perfectly. I am happy with my purchasing and love the quality.

5)I like the look of this wallet. It’s compact and fits my cards perfectly.

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We offer 1 year worry-free warranty service and lifetime technical support, we are pleased to provide a discount , fix flaws, or replace the units.

The aluminum card holder is made for standard credit-card size plastic cards. The Card holder is not suitable for paper cards such as business cards, because they can jam the mechanism. However, the leather wallet, Minimalist wallet, Slim wallet and Twin card holder wallet do provide space for paper cards, cash and receipts.

We have our own factory, which can design, manufacture and export wallets according to your requirement.

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